[Oracle Cloud] Resource manager


You need to have an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account.

Note that the charges will be applied since used services are not part of the Oracle Cloud Free Tier.

Create stack

To start with the OCI Resource Manager click on the following button:
Deploy to Oracle Cloud

The link will redirect you to the Resource manager create stack page. Before the Resource manager will load the Terraform templates, you have to comply with Terms of Use.

Mushop stack create

Once you agree with the Terms of Use, the Resource manager loads the stack configuration written in Terraform:

Mushop stack create

Configure stack variables

The stack contains lot of configuration options where all of them are already preconfigured. Optionally you can enable additionally services that will be deployed along the full Mushop application.

Mushop stack configure

These are:

  • Newsletter Oracle Cloud Function that configures SMTP credentials and OCI Function that sends the newsletter email
  • Events streaming service that sends audit events to the Oracle Streaming Service
  • Application Performance Monitoring


Review the stack info and select the Run apply to immediately run the Terraform scripts right after confirmation.

Mushop stack configure


The deployment of the complete stack takes around ~40 minutes. Once the Apply job is finished the outputs resource contains the stack details:

Mushop stack outputs