Grafana Monitoring

Prometheus and Grafana

Prometheus and Grafana are installed part of the setup umbrella helm chart. Revisit the application charts and connect to some Grafana dashboards:

  1. List helm releases:

    helm list --all-namespaces
    NAME                    NAMESPACE               REVISION        UPDATED                                 STATUS          CHART                           APP VERSION
    mushop                  mushop                  1               2020-01-31 21:14:48.511917 -0600 CST    deployed        mushop-0.1.0                    1.0
    mushop-utils            mushop-utilities        1               2020-01-31 20:32:05.864769 -0600 CST    deployed        mushop-setup-0.0.1              1.0
  2. Get the Grafana outputs from the mushop-utils (setup chart) installation:

    helm status mushop-utils --namespace mushop-utilities
    ## Grafana...
    # ...
  3. Get the auto-generated Grafana admin password:

    kubectl get secret -n mushop-utilities mushop-utils-grafana \
     -o jsonpath="{.data.admin-password}" | base64 --decode ; echo
  4. Connect to the dashboard with admin/<password>:

    kubectl port-forward -n mushop-utilities \
      svc/mushop-utils-grafana 3000:80

    The Grafana dashboard will be accessible on http://localhost:3000

  5. Import dashboards from Grafana:

    Many community dashboards exist, those above are some basic recommendations