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Getting Started

This project supports deployment modes for the purposes of demonstrating different functionality on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. While the source code is identical across these options, certain services are omitted in the basic deployment.

Basic: deploy/basic Cloud Native: deploy/complete
Simplified runtime utilizing only Always Free resources deployed with Resource Manager Full-featured Kubernetes microservices deployment showcasing Oracle Cloud Native technologies and backing services
└── deploy
    ├── basic
    └── complete

Clone Repository

Each topic in this material references the source code, which should be cloned to a personal workspace.

git clone https://github.com/oracle-quickstart/oci-cloudnative.git mushop
cd mushop
git clone https://github.com/oracle-quickstart/oci-cloudnative.git
dir mushop


The source code will look something like the following:

#> mushop
├── deploy
│   ├── basic
│   └── complete
│       ├── docker-compose
│       ├── helm-chart
│       └── kubernetes
└── src
    ├── api
    ├── assets
    ├── carts
    ├── catalogue
    ├── edge-router
    ├── events
    ├── fulfillment
    ├── dbtools
    ├── load
    ├── orders
    ├── payment
    ├── storefront
    └── user
  • deploy: Collection of application deployment resources.
  • src: Individual service source code, Dockerfiles, etc.