Use Case


Payment Failures

Navigate to MuShop application at http://localhost:8000 if using kubectl port-forward as discussed under Setup and add items to cart to exceed the amount greater than $105 and PLACE ORDER. The request will be denied with HTTP 406 “Request Not Acceptable”

Click on PLACE ORDER 9-10 times just to create some additional failure log data.


Navigate to OCI Console Monitoring -> Metrics Explorer

Compartment: <Your_Compartment_Name>
Metric Namespace: <Your_MetricNamespace>
Metric Name: <Your_MetricName>  
Dimension Name: <Optional_DimensionName>
Dimension Value: <Optional_DimensionValue>

Note: The custom metric namespace is create during Setup and it should be visible here. Else, wait for some time, send some more HTTP Status 406 requests (By placing orders above $105 as discussed) and check back again.

Click on “Update Chart” with the above fields selected to see the metrics.


Setting Alarms

In Metric Explorer once you have chosen the metric namespace and all its attributes, select create alarm

Alarm Name: <Name_Of_Your_Alarm>
Metric Namespace: <Your_MetricNamespace>
Trigger rule: <value equal to 1 with trigger delay 0 minutes>
Destination: <Select your notifications topic>

Send some more HTTP Status 406 requests (By placing orders above $105 as discussed) and you will start receiving emails like this


Analyze the logs

Navigate to Logging -> Search and navigate through all the logs.

For this example, Switch to Advanced mode:

Enter the following query

search "ocid1.compartment.oc1..xxxx/ocid1.loggroup.oc1.phx.xxxx/ocid1.log.oc1.phx.xxxx" |  logContent='*Payment declined*' and subject='/var/log/containers/*_mushop_*.log' 

You will see a failure in the logs as below: Payment declined: amount exceeds 105.00


Note: Notice the which are nicely formatted by the JSON parser used during agent configuration.


We performed the following actions:

  • Setup the OCI logging agents on the OKE worker nodes to send pod logs on to OCI logging.
  • Setup service connector between OCI logging and OCI monitoring with a new custom monitoring namespace.
  • Simulated the payment failures on MuShop application.

Using the OCI console Logging -> Agent Configurations we configured the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes(OKE) worker nodes to send all the pod logs to OCI logging. Service connector helped to filter just the MuShop payment failures messages and send those logs onto OCI Monitoring which then helped us to view the metrics on a dashboard. We set alarm for that metric to get alerts on our email. We also, analyzed the logs using the OCI console Logging -> Search to root cause the issue which was “Payment above 105 were getting declined”.