OCI Health Checks


Monitors the health of IP addresses and hostnames, as measured from geographic vantage points of your choosing, using HTTP and ping probes. After configuring a health check, you can view the monitor’s results. The results include the location from which the host was monitored, the availability of the endpoint, and the date and time the test was performed.


Deploy MuShop

Create Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Health Checks

Navigate to Monitoring -> HealthChecks -> Create HealthChecks

OKE Cluster Metrics

Target will be IP of ingress controller

kubectl get svc \
	mushop-utils-ingress-nginx-controller \
	--namespace mushop-utilities

Verifying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Health Check Results

Navigate to Monitoring -> HealthChecks -> <Your_HealthChecks_Name> -> HealthChecks History

OKE Cluster Metrics

Observe HTTP metric

Navigate to Monitoring -> HealthChecks -> <Your_HealthChecks_Name> -> Metrics

Observe some of the Http metrics. For metric details refer

OKE HTTP Metrics

With every metric you have the ability to set Alarms to get notified on the metrics of concern.

Additionally, you can view these metrics under Monitoring -> Service Metrics -> Metric namespace = oci_healthchecks