Always Free

Basic Deployment

This deployment is designed to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using only Always Free resources. It uses MuShop source code and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Terraform Provider to produce a Resource Manager stack, that provisions all required resources and configures the application on those resources.

cd deploy/basic
dir deploy/basic

Source directory for basic deployment build/configuration

These steps outline the Basic deployment using Resource Manager:

  1. Download the latest file.
  2. Login to the console to import the stack.

    Home > Solutions & Platform > Resource Manager > Stacks > Create Stack

  3. Upload the file that was downloaded earlier, and provide a name and description for the stack.
  4. Specify configuration options:
    1. Database Name - You can choose to provide a database name (optional)
    2. Node Count - Select if you want to deploy one or two application instances.
    3. SSH Public Key - (Optional) Provide a public SSH key if you wish to establish SSH access to the compute node(s).
  5. Review the information and click Create button.

    The upload can take a few seconds, after which you will be taken to the newly created stack

  6. On Stack details page, select Terraform Actions > Apply

The application is deployed to the compute instances asynchronously. It may take a few minutes for the public URL to serve the application. If the stack is applied successfully but the application returns a 503 Bad Gateway message, then wait a few moments and reload until the application comes online.